It started with Craigslist, where I found a posting for a “Camera Department Intern” that was needed, and ended with my first experience on a feature film set. Chu and Blossom is the name of the film and it’s currently in post-production (as I write this post). I loved every second of the long work days (12 or more hours, on average). I won’t forget the moment that I knew filmmaking would be my career and not just my dream. It happened on the last day of shooting, I won’t forget how I felt and where I was when the thoughts occurred. It was the same moment I realized that I had worked harder on that project than anything else in my life. Nothing would ever be the same from that point on.

I love “set life”, I can’t get enough of it. The long days working with friends and “family”. The accomplishment of working together on something that would cause someone to “escape” from reality. I’m very thankful for meeting and working with very talented individuals (everyone on set was pretty cool and we had such a great team). New motto: ‘Keep writing, keep shooting, keep on’.

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